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    I truly believe in the power of sharing knowledge. So from time to time, I will post about my favourite/top 3 recipes for certain brewers, topics that are circling around in my head.

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2022 saw the release of your new favourite coffee podcast - the Home Barista Podcast which is available now and loved across the globe by everyday home baristas and professional baristas.

The Home Barista Podcast covers many topics around how to brew coffee, what types of brewers are best for you, my personal recommendations, special guests from the New Zealand coffee industry including the 2022 New Zealand Barista Champion, group discussion episodes on the future of the industry and so much more.

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Home Barista Podcast

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Welcome to The Drumming Barista blog. TDB is New Zealand's most loved Home Barista and here he (Sean) shares his Top 5 Coffees of the year, Top recipes for coffee equipment and Podcast episodes from the Home Barista Podcast.


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