Dec 11, 2022 • 8M

Coffee Break EP:5 - Thank You and Merry Christmas!

All things considered 2022 has been a great year.

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A podcast created by an ex-professional barista now home barista who is passionate about pushing all the jargon aside, knocking down the walls and helping other home baristas brew better coffee. Got any questions you would like me to answer? DM me on Instagram: @thedrummingbarista.
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Hey, all you beautiful coffee lovers.

Here we are coming to the end of 2022! Like what the heck? How has this even happened? This year has been a flash, I know we say that every year, but seriously this year has FLOWN BY!

Today's episode is a quick thank you message from me to round out the year. I had planned to release a whole episode about a specific topic but after listening back to the recording and re-watching the video I wasn't happy with either of them and sat there thinking to myself "What are you even talking about here?" hahaha. So, that episode got scrapped and I took the opportunity to record a thank you episode for you all as 2022 has been a huge year for me as The Drumming Barista and in my personal life as Sean.

2022 has seen the launch of the Home Barista Podcast, The Drumming Barista on YouTube, and Being invited to fly to Auckland to be a judge at the New Zealand Aeropress Champs, Hitting 2000 followers on Instagram, connecting with so many new coffee and alcohol brands, food brands, international coffee content creators and welcoming so many new people and faces into The Drumming Barista global community. It’s been busy that’s for sure. But, I wouldn't want it any other way.

So, for the sake of keeping this description short. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the love and support towards me and The Drumming Barista community this year. Thank you for becoming a part of it and for sticking around. It honestly means the world and without you guys, on my side, I couldn't do this without you.

Anyway's less reading this and more listening to the episode!

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Big love
The Drumming Barista