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Home Barista Podcast - Episode 9 Part 2 of Is Coffee Becoming Boring?

Home Barista Podcast - Episode 9 Part 2 of Is Coffee Becoming Boring?

Join us again as we round out this discussion.

Hey, all you beautiful coffee lovers and welcome to Episode 9 - Part 2 of Is Coffee Becoming Boring here on the Home Barista Podcast.

In today's episode, I have been joined once again by the same insane crew of coffee professionals, self-confessed coffee nerds, coffee roasters, business owners, and influencers. To continue the conversation around Is Coffee Becoming Boring?

As a reminder, those people are:

Logan - Co-owner of Hammerstone Coffee and Barista Championship Veteran.

Jaye - Barista, and Roaster at Firsthand Coffee and Coffee Influencer at Your Local Barista NZ on Instagram.

Ant - AKA The Magic Roast. Coffee blogger extraordinaire, Wellington coffee legend, Self-confessed coffee nerd, and a very well-respected advocate of the New Zealand coffee industry.

Michalina - the YouTube coffee queen aka Coffee That Gives A Puck and also a part-time barista in Christchurch with Switch Espresso.

Thank you for tuning back into part 2 and I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as you did the first part. We are going to summarise our thoughts and then end this conversation.

Have you missed out on Episode 1? Click here to give it a listen.

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