Sep 2, 2022 • 1M

Coffee with the 2022 New Zealand Barista Champion - Hanna Teramoto

Episode 10 of the Home Barista Podcast. New Zealand's one and only coffee podcast.

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A podcast created by an ex-professional barista now home barista who is passionate about pushing all the jargon aside, knocking down the walls and helping other home baristas brew better coffee. Got any questions you would like me to answer? DM me on Instagram: @thedrummingbarista.
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Hey, all you beautiful coffee lovers and welcome to Episode 10 of the Home Barista Podcast - New Zealand’s one and only coffee podcast.

Today’s episode is a New Zealand exclusive as I was the first person privileged to sit down with the 2022 New Zealand Barista Champion - Hanna Teramoto to catch up and talk about her coffee journey of 15 years and how that has led her to be a 2 x NZ Barista Champion.

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This conversation with Hanna was so incredible. Her passion for coffee, the industry, and for making the world know that being a career barista is valid, life-giving and a well-respected job is so infectious. Just going to come clean, ever since we have had this conversation it has made me miss being behind the bar so badly.

Hanna’s experience of competing in the barista championships has been nothing short of amazing and full of excitement and that excitement just flows out of her no matter where she is and who she is speaking to. You will hear me say within the podcast that she has inspired me to think about competing in the 2023 barista champs. Don’t hold me to it, but never say never right?

My hope for all of you (no matter if you are a home barista or professional barista) is that you are thinking about how you can take your skill level and love for coffee to another level. For those of you listening who don’t work within the coffee industry but do enjoy a barista-made coffee, my hope is that through this conversation you have been able to gain a deeper understanding of what it is to be a career barista and I hope that the next time you visit your local cafe you fist bump your barista and say thank you.

For those of you wanting to connect with Hanna you can through Instagram and through Coffee Tech NZ for incredible coffee and coffee accessories.

Thank you again all you beautiful coffee lovers. I’ve been your host Sean aka The Drumming Barista here on The Drumming Barista and Home Barista Podcast.