Is the rise of home baristas and better home coffee equipment killing cafes?Listen now (27 min) | Is the rise in the cost of living and cost of coffee making you think twice about that cup of joe? I would love to hear your…

December 2022

In my opinion 3/4 of 2022 has been quite underwhelming for coffee.
Coffee Break EP:5 - Thank You and Merry Christmas!Listen now (8 min) | All things considered 2022 has been a great year.

November 2022

Excited to announce my very first coffee partnership & affiliation.

October 2022

I am a judge for the 2022 NZ Aeropress Champs this weekend.

September 2022

Home Barista Podcast - Episode 9 Part 2 of Is Coffee Becoming Boring?Listen now (36 min) | Join us again as we round out this discussion.
Coffee with the 2022 New Zealand Barista Champion - Hanna TeramotoListen now (1 min) | Episode 10 of the Home Barista Podcast. New Zealand's one and only coffee podcast.

August 2022

A controversial topic over coffee with an insane crew of coffee professionals, geeks, lovers and influencers.
Coffee with Cafe Owners. Scroll down to learn more.

July 2022

Coffee Break episode 3 with Paul GM from Common Good Coffee.
Hey, all you beautiful coffee lovers! I hope you are all doing super well? I am so excited (as always) to bring you a new episode of the Home Barista…
How many times a day do you ask yourself that question? Allow me to give you some tips on how to make it taste you are eating perfectly ripe…